About Us

Concord Enviro was formed in 1991 with an aim to bring Reverse Osmosis Technology to the Indian Market. In its three decades of existence, Concord has designed and applied technologies to develop solutions for water and wastewater treatment and recycling.

Our solutions for wastewater recycling and zero liquid discharge help industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, distilleries, food and beverage, automobiles among others to meet their sustainability goals by minimising the impact of their activities on the environment. We also provide our solutions to public utilities, defence establishments, offshore oil and gas platforms etc to meet their water and wastewater treatment needs. Our unique and integrated solutions are focussed on water efficiency with processes that generate the least waste and yield the highest energy savings, ultimately reducing the amount of fresh water needed by our customers.

Along with solutions, we also provide operating expertise by undertaking long term operating contracts for water & wastewater treatment and recycling solutions. These solutions are also available under pay per use contracts where the complete investment is made by us and we recover the investment and operating cost based on the treatment and recycling of wastewater. These solutions allow our customers to focus on what they do best. We have over 2000 installations across our key markets.

With marquee investors and a strong innovation focus, we aim To be a leader in wastewater recycling using membrane and other advanced technologies to conserve resources and sustain our environment.

Meet the Founders

MR. KAMLESH KUMAR GOELOur founder Late Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Goel introduced key technologies in the water and wastewater recycle segment during his tenure at the helm of the organization. Starting his career as a marine engineer in 1965, Mr. Goel sailed with various prestigious shipping companies and settled ashore as a Superintendent in 1976. He then started a string of business in shipping, chemical manufacturing prior to starting in the water industry in 1991. It was here that he dedicated himself to build an organization to service the needs to the Indian Defense establishments. As he passed the baton to his eldest son Mr. Prayas Goel, he finally signed off by successfully venturing the company into industrial wastewater recycle under the able leadership of Mr. Prayas Goel.

MR. PRAYAS GOELOur Chairman and Managing Director joined the business in 1997 after completing his Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University. A hands on leader, Mr. Prayas has been instrumental in leading the company into wastewater recycling and zero liquid discharge projects. His service oriented approach has lead the company to develop a strong customer service focus and a network of trained and capable professionals capable of operating and troubleshooting wastewater recycle installations. As a technocrat he continues to deliver new products and applications to the company.

MR. PRERAK GOELMr. Prerak Goel joined the organization in 2003 after completing his Masters in Business Administration. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Prayas, he leads the diversification of the organization’s market into new regions while handling the commercial and financial side of the business.

Vision : To be a Leader in Wastewater Recycling using Membrane and other Advanced Technologies to conserve resources and to sustain our environment.

Mission : ‘Recylce Only’ – Recycle every drop of the world’s wastewater at low costs thus making Recycling the best option